It was unbridled joy on Monday, 19th October 2020 for the family of Miss Favour Emmanuel as over a month of legal proceedings finally came to an end and she was reunited with her family after the magistrate finally signed her release papers. 

Miss Favour Emmanuel's redemption came during one of Mercy Wave Foundation's numerous prison outreaches, she was seen in her deplorable anaemic state by representatives of the foundation who immediately contacted the founder, Dr Mercy Uwakwe, true to her undying love for humanity, she swung into action and after months of legal battles, paying fines totalling hundreds of thousands of naira, as well as several PR battles and awareness, the foundation eventually secured the release of Miss Favour Emmanuel. 

While speaking to members of the Mercy Wave TV, Miss Favour narrated her ordeal which started over two years ago. A tearful Favour narrated how years of struggle and hardship forced her into the unfortunate crime she committed. According to her, she could hardly finish her secondary education due to lack of resources, at a tender age, she had to engage in several menial jobs to keep her family functional, hers was a story of barely keeping herself and her family alive until things took a bad turn two years ago. For a family already struggling, when they received news of her father's diagnosis and accompanying hospital bill which eclipsed 500,000 naira, poor Favour's savings could definitely not cater for that, and the thought of losing her father made her take drastic steps which would later backfired. As a cashier working for a firm, she was privy to the account details of the company and in the heat of the struggle she erroneously decided to take the hospital bill from her firm's account and answer the consequences later, a truly emotional show of love for her ailing father. According to her, she eventually narrated the story to her boss innocently, informing him that she would work to offset the bills without salary until every penny is repaid. Unfortunately things took a drastic turn when her unsympathetic boss demanded an instant refund which Miss Favour could not provide, he had her locked away until she could pay up the loan. 

Narrating her ordeal in the correctional center, Miss Favour Emmanuel pointed out that from the very first day, it was untold hardship as her health condition was not considered by authorities, she narrated several episodes of anaemia where her fellow inmates concluded she wouldn't make it through the night but somehow she kept on, knowing fully well that someday her story would change for the better. She encouraged every Nigerian to always stay on the good side of the law to avoid any confrontation that might lead to a prison sentence. On her future plans, Miss Favour promised to leverage on the freedom granted her by the foundation, to lead a dutiful life, the foundation promised to assist in various ways. 

In a separate interview, the mother of the benefactor, Mrs Joy Emmanuel also narrated, amid tears, their story from an outside the prison perspective. According to her, at the onset of the situation, she contacted a lot of foundations and NGOs all to no avail. She also recounted how, upon his discharge, Mr Emmanuel, Favour's dad kept on visiting Favour every single day until Favour had to ban him from visiting because of the damage the stress was causing on his already problematic health. She expressed her profound gratitude to the foundation for coming to their aid when all hope seemed lost and when it seemed only a matter of time before Favour dies in prison due to her health conditions being a sickler.

Mercy Wave Foundation wishes to explicitly point out that they do not in any form promote crime and is already engaging in rigorous enlightenment programs aimed at educating the youth on the dangers of crime, however in some cases we always consider what's best for humanity, in line with her divine mandate of providing succor to the underserved, MWF believes coming to the aid of prisoners with such pathetic stories is one that should be encouraged by well meaning Nigerians. 




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