Contrary to allegations, Ifunanya, a young female lawyer, has not been suspended by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Since last weekend, there have been rumors that she was punished for images that allegedly showed her naked or smoking marijuana.

Some people think Ifunanya’s activities, who was admitted to the bar last year, are bad for the reputation of the Nigerian judicial system.

Others, especially women, disagree, claiming that since she is also a model showcasing art in her own distinctive manner, she hasn’t offended anyone.

The young woman has numerous social media accounts that feature her image, making her without a doubt one of the most catfished people in the nation.

She has not received a penalty, the NBA’s leadership revealed in an interview with Newsmen on Wednesday.

The information indicating that an action has been taken is wholly untrue, according to the national publicity secretary, Habeeb Lawal.

“No, we have not suspended her, we have not. However, we will issue a position on the matter,” the spokesperson added.




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