Nigerian actress, Alex Okoroji, who has been off the screen for a while now, has made a new revelation.

She revealed how she struggled to make a name for herself and not just be recognized as COSON boss, Tony Okoroji’s daughter.

In a chat with NollyNow, during the week, Alex said she didn’t want to live under her father’s shadow for any reason.

“I tried to separate our identities. I wanted to project my own name within the movie industry,” Alex told NollyNow.

She added that it was scary during the early days of her career as people would always identify her as Chief Tony Okoroji’s daughter.

”Following your background, it’s very easy for people to think ‘oh its because you are the daughter or son of this person or that person . That’s why I did a lot of things on my own, projecting myself. I have succeeded in building my own brand,” Alex added.

She continued: “Then I was living under his shadow and people had a lot of expectations of you. But I had to find a way to separate myself from that shadow. That was when I started craving for my own identity as a performer.”

On taking after her father, the beautiful actress said “you can’t run away from your genes, ” adding “Art is in my family. I grew up beholding my father as a musician and my mother being a fashion designer. So art is definitely part of my upbringing. I don’t think anybody would be surprised to see that I’m following in my dad’s footsteps.”

Being Tony Okoroji’s daughter may not have opened doors for Alex, but the Queen of Expression as she’s fondly called by her fans and colleagues believed in working hard to earn her name in the industry.

After sojourning in the industry for 18 years, Alex has made her mark, not just as an actress, but also, as a television personality, author, talk radio host, speaker and mentor.

As an actress, Alex has worked in soap operas, film, theatre and voice acting. She has seen it all, But her biggest dream so far is either to star as one of the Bond girls in the movie, ‘ James Bond’ or carry out a project on a Broadway musical. She hopes that she will accomplish the dream in her lifetime.



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