Abiola Ayeni, the wife of Tunde Ayeni, a Nigerian businessman and former chairman of defunct Skye Bank, has reacted to the paternity scandal involving her husband and a female lawyer in Abuja identified as Adaobi Alagwu.

In a series of publications, SaharaReporters had reported how Ayeni was alleged to have fathered a child, a baby girl, with Adaobi, a claim he denied.

The female lawyer was a classmate of the businessman’s daughter.

Reacting in an interview with ThisDay, Abiola, the wife of billionaire businessman insisted that her husband was not the father of the lawyer’s baby.

Despite an earlier statement from Ayeni confirming he was in relationship with Adaobi but it ended in 2019, the wife declared emphatically that “he is no flirt.”

She said, “It may appear as if my husband’s name is always associated with messy affairs with one lady or the other, but it doesn’t change my opinion of my husband and you cannot convince me that my husband is a flirt because I didn’t marry him as a flirt. Even if you show me all the evidence of how many women he has been with.

“Why? Because money makes a man misbehave. Friends make a man misbehave, and strange women seduce men with all manner of Jazz (juju) to make a man misbehave! Rather, I pity my husband as an unsuspecting and naive victim of the level of desperation and diabolical tendencies of this runs girl he got associated with.

“Even with his fellow men, my husband is too trusting. So, you can imagine the level of his nonchalance and how it led to such a mess.”

She added, “There were some publications about some incident and people started calling me about it. They asked me how I was feeling or coping and I told them that I was fine. I don’t listen to what they say about my husband outside and I don’t need anyone to tell me who my husband is. I have my husband beside me. When I need to clarify things, we talk about it. We don’t hide anything from each other. I prefer to hear it directly from his mouth no matter how bad. He has no reason to lie to me because he knows I will stand by him anytime, any day. Thus no matter what anyone says about him, it doesn’t bother me.

“As per your question on how I reacted to the news of her claim, truth be told, the first thing I did when I heard the news was to check with God if truly He would fold His arms and let anyone destroy a home He used His hands to build and guard jealously for 31 years and He told me that her claim is untrue and I should disregard it. In the end, the truth will prevail.

“The young lady knows the father of her child. And when I checked with my husband, he told me the child is not his! God has spoken and my husband has also spoken, nothing else matters. So, I am not moved by naysayers or rumours about her claims. She knows the father of her child, she’s just a gold digger.”

Asked if Adaobi now “Mrs Ayeni”, the fashion expert said, “I am not surprised the so-called girl is parading herself to be who she is not; by so doing, it becomes clear that she is a desperate gold digger and a slut who thinks she can become Mrs Ayeni by merely pinning a child on her highest paying victim. And it is quite surprising that despite her degree in Law, she needs somebody to tell her that a child is not a marriage certificate! Neither does a child offer her security to maintain a fake lifestyle that she has become accustomed to.

“And to now think that the child does not belong to my husband makes her claim even more embarrassing. Anyway, she has been warned through our lawyers to desist from parading herself as Mrs Ayeni because she is not and she will never be as the Lord lives. My husband and I are legally married. As for her calling her child by my husband’s surname, Ayeni is many. The child is not Tunde Ayeni’s child. Period! When she is tired of calling the child the borrowed name, she will change it to her father’s name.”



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