Critical Points raised by Umahi

~ After spending 14hrs on the road, Umahi wonders how average Nigerians who plies the road, copes.

~ The road is being redesigned with concrete technology.

~ The drainages would be opened so that the road can be worked on

~ The contractor has 7days to come up with the new design.

~ The past administration has good intention for the road but Nigerians doesn’t have value for their money. Meaning, the work done on the road so far, doesn’t justify the money spent on the road by the past administration.

~ We need to change our beuracracy. The contractor wasn’t on sight because they are yet to get their papers signed after three months by BPP. Terrible 😔. Where did the DG go for that past 3 months?.

~ Umahi said imported asphalt are substandard, hence the need for cement technology. He encouraged contractors who wants to use asphalt to set up asphalt plant in Ondo,Ogun states, where there’s bitumen.

~ Orders that every contractor must have COREN registered engineers.

~ He has opened Whatsapp group for effective day to day reporting on level of works.

And many more.

Me thinks Umahi is trying so hard not to speak against the immediate past administration, but you could tell, he’s dissatisfied with the works done in the works ministry



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