Ever had an experience where events end up in a mess because of poor planning and execution ? 

Lapare is the number one brand in domestic and hospitality staff training and upgrade, corporate event management and hospitality supplies.

The mission of the founder, Miss Pare stemmed from the fact that she is a lover of excellent guest and customer service. To her, all services should be delivered excellently. 

Having noticed obvious dwindling service culture in most sectors, she mirrored down to assisting in creating a more professional and hospitable environment around people and organizations.

Remember the world sees what you put out there,and this will make your reputation. Our well known public figures who have the reputation of being magnetic, mostly just understood the importance and art of pleasing and making the most of opportunities thus acquiring social elevation.

Lapare services is specialized in the act of creating great experiences, at work and in private through eventing and staff training. We encourage the practice of good etiquette which is the wall that divides the cultured from the uncultured. A man may be fabulously wealthy, but if he doesn't know how to act, how to dress speak and treat people he will not be respected, most of us desire social status and happiness but this doesn't just happen by chance, it has to be cultivated and applied ,at Lapare we never miss the opportunity to create a great experience.This is the solution we bring to you. We give you absolute peace of mind and confidence that your event no matter how small will have a high impact with every guest and participant looking forward to your next diner or event .

Lapare's solution ranges from Corporate Events, Event Staffing Solutions and Hospitality Staff Training. It offers you the opportunity to book and have the services of world class highly trained Corporate Hostesses, Ushers, Events Assistants, Promotional Staffs and Butlers.

The firm's mission is to exceed the expectations of clients from start to finish. To us all clients are treated as Very Important personalities.we bring the best professionals for successful events with high impact, to us service excellence is not luxury is our standard. 

We understand the importance of good etiquette and hospitality and that social skills or the lack of it can make or break careers . 

What can we do for you ?

1, Assist with the planning and execution of any event no matter how small or big it is. Our first rule is never to miss the opportunity to create a wonderful experience.

2, Train and upgrade your Domestic Staff (taking them from regular Domestic staff to Professional Executive BUTLERS so they can serve you effortlessly.

 This will give you the confidence to have a professional who knows how to manage a great house, serve in the best possible way , thus reducing friction and potential embarrassments while you focus on more meaningful issues.

3, Give you the opportunity to book the services of our highly trained butlers, waiters or hostesses just for a day so you can relax and focus on having a great time with your guests. Our staff are trained on etiquette, hospitality, psychological proactivity, professional language,standard procedures etc .. 

Nothing will make us happier than to hear from you and to support you through a hospitality or event project . 

Be amazing and let's hear from you !

Awa pare 

[email protected]





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