On the occasion of United Nations Day 2023, Martins & Eno Acha Foundation, an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace, harmony, and humanitarian efforts worldwide, is issuing a heartfelt appeal for peace in the conflict-stricken regions of Israel and Palestine. As the world unites to celebrate the principles of unity and cooperation on this significant day, the Foundation emphasizes the urgent need for dialogue, understanding, and compassion to pave the way for lasting peace in the Middle East.

The ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine has caused immense suffering for the people living in the region, leading to loss of lives, displacement, and widespread despair. According to the Co-founder/president of Martins & Eno Acha Foundation, Amb Martins Aifuwa Acha, ‘as a UN ambassador for peace, I believe it is of paramount importance for all parties involved to come together, engage in sincere dialogue, and work towards a peaceful resolution that ensures the rights, dignity, and security of all individuals in the region’.

"We believe that peace is achievable through understanding, empathy, and respect for the rights and beliefs of all individuals, regardless of their background or nationality," said Enosadeba Acha, the co-founder of the foundation. On this United Nations Day, we urge leaders and citizens alike to come together, embrace the spirit of cooperation, and work towards a peaceful future for the people of Israel and Palestine.

Martins & Eno Acha Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to promoting peace, social harmony, and humanitarian efforts worldwide. The foundation focuses on fostering dialogue, providing humanitarian aid, and supporting educational programs to build a more peaceful and compassionate world. The foundation hereby reaffirms her commitment to supporting initiatives that promote dialogue, education, and humanitarian assistance in conflict-affected areas. By fostering understanding and promoting peaceful coexistence, Martins & Eno Acha Foundation aim to contribute to the collective efforts towards achieving a just and lasting peace in the region.

Ambassador Martins Acha


Martins & Eno Acha Foundation




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