A Benin-based royal princess, Osariyekemwen Eresoyen, says she was advised to dump her husband when he was shot by assassins after a story he published in one of the national newspapers ( name withheld) in Benin City twenty years ago. 

Princess Eresoyen, a trained biochemist who spoke to journalists in Benin ahead of her 50th birthday, said, ” I married a well-known journalist who then worked for one of the national newspapers. He was shot by assassins for writing a story about a politician for certificate forgery. His two legs were shattered with bullets and he was admitted to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), where he spent almost six years bedridden, and I was advised to dump him according to the advisers, journalists have nothing to offer.”

Speaking further, she said, ” I wept that they shot my husband because he wrote a story, but thank God that he survived the gunshots. Even some of my close friends were serious about me, saying that journalists are very poor and in a in a very wretched abyss. There was pressure on me to dump him, but I stood my ground and said that God gave me the go-ahead to marry him. My husband is very well read and also a royal Benin Prince, but he is very stubborn because he likes investigative journalism. Every day, I am always on my knee praying for him, and God heard my prayers when he survived. Today, those who advised me to dump him are always around me, apologizing for their errors.”

Noting that the will of God always suffices, Princess Eresoyen said that marriage should be solely the will of God, adding that women who are married to the will of God are internally suffering immense high blood pressure, disclosing that “I listened to the voice of God who gave me the go-ahead to marry my husband, a journalist; otherwise, I would have succumbed to the pressure from friends to dump him when he had a challenge because of his professional job.

“I want to call on women who are not married to always listen to the voice of God before going into marriage, and they will never be disappointed, no matter the challenges from their enemies.”

On her 50th birthday, Eresoyen said that she had been very excited that the good Lord had made it possible for her to be 50 years old, adding that”the experience, however, is such interesting, and God has been very merciful to me and my family. I am very mature now, and I’ll be different from when I was in my thirties. This is a golden age, and I am grateful to God.



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