Exciting news emerges from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Exploration and Production Limited (NNPC E&P Ltd.) and Natural Oilfield Services Ltd. (NOSL) as they announce the successful commencement of oil production at Oil Mining Lease (OML) 13 in Akwa Ibom.

This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, signaling a promising future for the nation’s economy.

Olufemi Soneye, spokesperson for NNPC Ltd., shared the news in a statement on Sunday, highlighting the commencement of production on May 6 with an initial output of 6,000 barrels of oil per day.

The production is expected to ramp up to an impressive 40,000 barrels per day by May 27, 2024, reflecting the dedication and capabilities of both NNPC E&P Ltd. and NOSL.

Soneye emphasized the historic significance of this achievement, underscoring the commitment of NNPC E&P Ltd. and NOSL to driving growth and development in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

This milestone not only showcases the culmination of meticulous planning and execution but also heralds a new era of economic empowerment and development opportunities for the host communities.

The commencement of oil production at OML 13 holds great importance for Nigeria’s energy landscape, contributing to efforts to increase oil production capacity. This increase is crucial for meeting domestic energy needs and fostering economic growth, underscoring the vital role of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria’s economy.

Moreover, the partnership between NNPC E&P Ltd. and NOSL is committed to operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, prioritizing the well-being of local communities. As production continues to grow, these companies remain dedicated to fostering sustainable development and creating positive impacts for the communities they serve.





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